Mark Sanislo Portrait Painter
""Priest is a Priest Forever"
 Fr. Robert J. Fox

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Book Cover artwork by Mark Sanislo
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Oil on Canvas
18" x 24"
Commissioned By
Fatima Family Apostolate


Mark Sanislo can be reached at
612.245.0022   763.755.7395
Minneapolis, Minnesota

Artist Mark Sanislo Bookcover Artwork"A Priest is a  Priest Forever."
Chapter 3. Seminary at Last • Page 80

Then came the first day of summer, June 21, 1946. I was working in a large field with horses on a hay-rake, raking hay all afternoon. Those familiar with the old horse hay-rakers know that the driver sat very dose behind the horses; only a matter of a few feet. It could be dangerous. Young boys sent to the field to rake hay with horses on these machines were known to have fallen to the ground, down into the area of the prongs that gathered the hay and then the horses without a driver began to run away on their own; thus death to the boy.

I was just about done raking the hay in that large field of alfalfa and it was late in the day. The sun was lowering. I was ending up in the center of the field, having started at the outside of the field, working inward. This meant the little that remained required frequent and abrupt turns. There was perhaps only a minute or two more work before I could head for home more than a half mile away.

Suddenly one of the horses began bucking fiercely. The horse's hoofs at times went higher than my head or very close to my head. The other horse began running while its partner kept bucking high in the air. I suddenly felt a deep pain in my leg. The horse had broken my leg. I had been pulling the reigns to stop the horses, which only aggravated the situation.

Then I discovered why that horse had gone mad. With the sharp abrupt turns as I was completing the field the driver's line somehow got under that horse's tail which obviously made the horse thinks something was attacking it. Pulling the reigns tightly only aggravated the horse more so it became more violent.

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